We win by breaking the game down to its elements



Our Methodology

You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.

We separates the level of play in any sport is the soundness of fundamentals.  The primary emphasis of Top Tech Lacrosse is on technical development of the player.  The more consistently a player executes the fundamentals, the higher level player they become. Every NCAA Championship game is won or lost on fundamentals and the same can be said about any lacrosse game regardless of level.

"Grow the game" is a catchphrase we've heard regularly for several years now.  There are two very different modes of possible "growth", however - growth in number of participants and then growth in quality experiences of the sport.  The first has resulted in an overabundance of leagues, "select" teams (that aren't so 'select'), and showcase events that lack any part of developmental or technical component.  Yes, it's human nature to want to play games; it's also human nature to find motivation in things we excel at and lack motivation for that which we fail at.  The result has been a watering down of good lacrosse and influx of bad lacrosse.

Top Tech Lacrosse grows quality experiences and proper representations of the sport through the most effective teaching and coaching methods available.  Our staff has decades of experience playing and coaching lacrosse at the highest levels.  We also have studied coaching methods and sport psychology at a graduate level.  Coaching is teaching, and teaching is coaching.  Therefore, many of our staff have careers in both coaching and education.  

We understand the challenges of developing the skills of the individual in the group setting, and use our experience and knowledge to facilitate players' success.  Not only that, we deliver quality content by position with a high level of specificity so players are competent to assume greater roles of impact on their teams immediately.  When players are coached by Top Tech Lacrosse, they are set up for success in the sport and will be motivated to work harder and fall more and more in love with the sport. THAT is how we "grow the game".

In an age where player complacency is rampant due to the effects of early recruiting, preoccupation with gear and uniforms, and lack of quality coaching proportionate to the vast increase in participation, Top Tech Lacrosse gives players the tools they need to get better every play, every day.


Our Team


Our coaches are Major League Lacrosse & College National Champions, All-Americans, current NCAA Division 1, 2 & 3 coaches, and some of the top experts in the world at their positions.

Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice.


The coaches of Top Tech Lacrosse did not get a ring on their finger, their feet on the podium, or a plaque on their wall from just wanting it to happen someday.  Instead of thinking about "living the dream", we set the standard by commitment through action. Several of us weren't even the most talented as we entered college. We got where we are not by only wanting it to happen - we made it happen.  

However, desire and willingness to commit alone do not produce success.  A player needs the resources for competency as well to reach higher levels of proficiency. Though the sport we love has expanded immensely in the last decade, opportunities to succeed have not equaled opportunities to play.  Some players are limited by lack of quality coaching, while others are held back even in well-coached programs due to the speed of the team's game season and its lack of focus on individual skills.  

Top Tech Lacrosse is the growth chamber for skillful development and the resource you need to reach the next level.


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Our Core Values

The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.

The lacrosse community is a place unique to its band of participants and supporters unlike any other sport.  Players often remain involved in the game for years after their competitive career, and some even make a life out of it.  Lacrosse makes friends, and Top Tech Lacrosse was founded by coaches who came to be great friends through our love of the game.  We have created an ecosystem of positive lacrosse culture that extends to all we do, and all those who are part of our organization, whether it be player, parent, or coach.  In enhancing players' personal development with great emphasis on the technical and mental levels, we prepare them for career success.


Our leadership has dedicated years of scholarly study in the coaching field.  The primary influence on the core values of Top Tech Lacrosse is the philosophy of The Institute for Athletic Coach Education at prestigious Boston University - one of the world's only academic research centers of its kind.


Developmental Appropriateness – We create an appropriate learning environment for each player.

Our players are grouped – We divide players by skill level, age, and physical characteristics to best facilitate progress.

Self-fulfilling prophecy for success – By teaching our players how to train, it allows them to put into play the work they've done leading up to competition. 

Our training is SPECIALIZED – We have world-class coaches at each position to provide players with position-specific competency.


Mistakes are inevitable – We embrace them as "teachable moments" and believe "it's not where you've been that matters; it's where you're going."

We focus on the PROCESS – Rather than emphasizing the outcome, process focusing frees the player from the stress of things they cannot control.

We can't change the past – We can only control how we react to future opportunities. 


 Confidence is a glass of water – When we lose some, we pour it into our opponent's glass and strengthen them. 

We keep our glass full – The right mindset allows us to successfully rebound from failures and mistakes.

Next Play Mentality gets you recruited – College coaches cite this as THE top indicator of a recruit's viability for college. 


Battle Ready body language is positive – Chin up (prime mover), shoulders back, chest up, stick in ready position off ground, and smiling!

It avoids negative body language – Slumping shoulders, leaning on your stick, kneeling on two knees, putting chin down, leaning forward with hands on knees. 

There are physiological benefits – Standing tall with shoulders back enables easier breathing and allows the body to expire CO2, preventing hyperventilation.

There are athletic benefits – Poor posture causes bio-mechanically inefficiency and increases fatigue as uneconomical movement expends a premium of energy.

It speaks volumes to teammates – When a goalie is BATTLE READY immediately after yielding a goal, their teammates feel able to strike back as their nucleus shows resilience.

It defeats your opponents –  Showing an opponent that you took their best punch but are still standing is as intimidating as it gets.


We value and honor the sport – Our reverence for the game and how it has changed our lives as players and coaches is something we instill in each player. 

We judge no one – It is not our place to retaliate or judge even the least tasteful actions of those we are competing against. 

Zero Tolerance for dishonor – Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, as well as backtalk to officials, leaders and peers are things alien to those in our culture. 

Honor is expected of all – Our players are not the only ones we expect integrity from - it starts with coaches AND parents.